Different Clocks Available In The Market

The clock industry has advanced so far compared to when clock was first invented. Ancient clocks like sun dial or hourglass is rarely seen outside of the museum and collectors. Clocks even varies in size where there are very small clock to very big clocks found at the top of towers and buildings. Aside from helping you track time, clock nowadays can record attendance, show daily schedule or even allow the user to make and receive a phone call. If you are planning to purchase a clock, here are the different clocks available in the market.

  1. Analog clock – Analog clock is one of the classic clocks available in the market. It relies on gears and utilize mechanical operation to keep track on time. Though it is just a basic clock, companies providing analog clocks are still making the most profits. What lacks in functionality is outweighed by the intricate design, materials used and the top quality finished of analog clocks. Some analog clocks which are gold plated and have precious gems like diamonds are the most expensive clocks in the market.
  2. Digital clock – Since now is the digital age, it only makes sense that digital clocks are available in the market. Digital clock does not rely on gears or other mechanism. Instead, it uses chips and circuits to keep track on time. Though most digital clocks show number of the exact time, there are still digital clocks which provide the classic look of analog clocks.
  3. Electronic word clock – Electronic word clock is a clock which use words instead of numbers or the traditional clock face to show time. Words are not limited to phrases but also sentences. These sentences are prerecorded and can be customized by the user.
  4. Auditory clock – Just like its name, auditory clock provides time through sound either a voice recording or a sound code. This type of clock is common on public areas such as churches or malls. Blind people also use auditory clock.
  5. Dementia clock – Dementia clocks or dementia products are clocks for people with dementia. Dementia clocks help them keep track not only on time but also daytime or nighttime, day, date and even schedule. People with dementia can live normally with the help of dementia clocks.
  6. Tactile clock – This clock is perfect for people with poor vision or even blindness. The time is displayed in an elevated surface which allow people to blind read the time.
  7. Multi-display clock – This is the most advanced clock. It is a digital clock with integrated circuits which allow the clock to provide multiple functions aside from telling time.

If you are planning to buy a clock, focus on the function then the appearance.