Locks, Safes & Cabinet Keys

Locks, safes, cabinet keys etc, are the necessities of every home. And today, due to increased robberies, people are looking for efficient locks and safes that can keep their valuables safe. If you are looking for good, efficient locks, cabinet keys and stuff like that, “Fast Keys” is your spot! They provide you with better locks, a wide range of cabinet keys and much more. Here are some of the items from Fast Keys that will give you an insight to the efficiency of keys, lockers and safes etc. There are cabinet keys, cabinet locks, lock cylinders and much more…

Cabinet Keys:
There are many types of cabinet keys, that include Eurolocks, Lowe and Fletcher, Triumph and Huwil. They all are made up of metal and are mostly used for filing cabinets and metal furniture. Some of the cabinet keys such as the OJMAR (S001-S698) are used for office furniture, with Ojmar being a type of Spanish cabinet key.

Fast Keys also manufacture special key on order, such as the CITYSPACE (4001-5000). It can be used for office furniture as well as in general. YALE (KV40026-KV60025) is a cabinet key, one of its own type! Very unique in design with an elegant look! Furthermore, if you are interested in having a special key, you can provide your conditions and design to Fast Keys and they won’t disappoint you.

Fast Keys also manufacture high quality locks that mainly include the following:

– Ojmar Locks
– Pedestal Locks
– Rim Locks
– Cupboard Locks
– Espagnolette Locks

Each metal lock, one of its own kind, has its own specifications. MLM (07MLM3) espagnolette lock, having 25mm backset. OJMAR Locks are the ‘coin return’ locks, mostly right handed, and are widely used at shops and malls etc. Also there are Pedestal Locks, that are widely used by offices and also in general. RONIS FRANCE (RON32300) is one sleek, stylish looking lock.

A lot of people like to keep their precious stuff  in banks, but some people prefer keeping their valuables at home, in safes and lockers. Fast Keys provides you with a wide range of safes, which mainly include:

– Floor Safes
– Security Safes
– Hidden/Discrete Safes
– Heavy-Duty Safes

As you can see, there are many varieties of safe, depending on what your requirements would be. So make sure you carry out your research before investing your money in a safe.